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 Now-a-days when interior designing industry is at its peak in India and everyone seems overpriced and claims to be the best, it becomes very difficult to choose the one but with “Best Interior Designer”, selecting an expert interior designer for your home, office or restaurant is a stress-free task. We take you a step ahead to your dream project by providing you a list of 5 top luxury interior designers of India. Saving all the time and stress that you would give to browse numerous sites, ask friends or visit décor stores. All you have to do is, tell us your precise requirements, category of your place and budget and we will take care of the rest. We provide you a list of best interior designers in India, which we shortlist through surveys. We give you the detailed information of specialized interior designers in that category, making it easy for you to decide the most appropriate one which suits your taste, budget and requirements. We ensure that the designers on the list are versatile and they are the best in India. Now it is easy to build your dream project, you just have to think and we will make it happen.

Interior designing trend is on an increase these days in India, which is a country of vivid cultures. Everybody wants to design their home, office or restaurant in an extraordinary way. A skilled interior designer is the one who designs your place keeping in mind the air around you, the environment and design your place so as it is culturally aesthetic. Different concepts and ideas are to be incorporated when talking about a country like India which is an amalgam of different cultures and climate. In a state like Rajasthan, old tradition still exists even in the most contemporary designs, a subtle touch of tradition is always needed either it is a spacious bungalow or a grand farm house. While in Mumbai, even the smallest apartment or a home bakery is to be designed exquisitely and expensively. Kothis or apartments in a city like Delhi have to be designed in a way to cope up with the scorching heat. While in the south, city like Chennai have idols of deities in every corner of their home or office.

Interior designing in a private and public place are two different concepts. Not every interior designer has expertise in both the concepts. In India, when designing a public place like office, restaurant, play school or salon, many factors are to be considered. The design layout should have an aesthetic appeal that suit a large number of people, it should be subtle but not boring. For example while designing a restaurant, the personal choice of restaurateur along with the choice of target clients he wishes to have, will play an important role. Similarly an office interior should not only reflect the work style of the employees, but should suit the taste of clients that are to be served, while a home is designed according to the personal choices of a couple or an individual, so that the home is the reflection of their thoughts and who they are. A retail showroom has to be designed keeping in mind the type of clients they want to attract, and what products they deal in.

Some basic types of interior designing that can help you choose your style are Modern minimalist style, in which extreme accuracy, geometrical shapes and simple yet modern designs are incorporated. Classic style is the one which is rich in detail and lays emphasis on art, floral elements and motifs of legends. Rustic Style is trending in vacation homes with rough details, wood and log work with rural touch. Classic reinterpreted style is the fusion of new and old, the classic structures are represented in a modern and classic way. Retro style is the style of 50’s, 60’s or 70’s with pop art as an eminent feature. Maverick style has an inventive and unusual approach, overlapping things, basically mix and match. Contemporary style is the ultra-modern way of incorporating color and themes to have a modish feel. Hi-Tech style is for technology lovers, where every element is designed in an innovative modern style and the elegant country style has influence from Indian, American or European style with bright colors and classic decoration.

You should not design everything yourself or agree to a plan made by the architect to save money or time, hiring an interior designer is totally worth the cost. An interior designer gets to the heart of the issue and exactly knows how to incorporate luxury with functionality. They exactly know what design will serve you best, keeping in mind your taste and requirements. An interior designer is well trained to prepare a layout that best suits you and the air around you. He/she keeps in mind climate and temperament of your city, what flooring, stylish lights, wall treatments or special amenities your place necessarily needs. They can make the best out of your place with their foresightedness, they even keep in mind the house-aging factor and always design the place so that it can be modified with time.

You should act wisely, when taking that big of a step. Be it an exquisite home, an ultra-modern corporate office, a theme restaurant or a contemporary commercial space, you should follow some basic steps to search for the perfect interior designer. Decide whether you need a freelancer or you want services from a reputed company. Secondly, take a look at their previous clients and work. Afterwards, tell them your vision about the design you want, requirements and the budget, so that the designer can suggest an appropriate layout.

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